Gileaña Sonfield

5th-Generation Texan 

Gileaña Sonfield is a 5th-Generation Texan, 2nd-Generation Houstonian and 3rd-Generation Military Veteran. 

I am a Gulf-War Army Veteran and 3rd Degree Black Belt. Since 2007 she’s mentored, taught and guided successful entrepreneurs in growing their business.

I caught the entrepreneurial spirit from my father and witnessed that being self-employed versus a business owner, each have their unique challenges. As a solo-preneur/self-employed if you don’t make it happen, it doesn’t get done. However, as a business owner, you have employees because you are leveraging your time and force multiplying your efforts by creating employment for members of your community. I witnessed first-hand that just because you have employees doesn’t guarantee success. When you have employees, force multiplying requires a strategy-by-design for success. One of my Zen teachers used to ask students: “What do you get when you squeeze an orange?” Most would reply: “Orange juice.” And they are wrong. When you squeeze an orange, you get whatever is on the inside. Just as the farmer must cultivate and care-for his orchard, the same is true for your business. When your business has no plan, structure or strategy-by-design, what happens when your business is squeezed? Learn more during this informative educational session because Gileaña’s bringing a seasoned HR Consultant so you can get your questions answered.