Dennis Stetzel

Dennis is a proven expert in business transformation with a passion for breakthrough thinking. His experience using proven, real-world tools and techniques have helped small, medium, and large organizations achieve unprecedented results. Dennis’ passion for helping leaders to be successful began in the US Navy when he was offered the opportunity to study the work of Dr. W.E. Deming, eventually becoming a Certified Trainer of Total Quality Management. As Dennis moved into Corporate America, he continued to study and evolve his knowledge through the application of Kaizen, SixSigma and Lean methodologies as a Global leader and Transformation Executive at IBM. Over the course of a 16 year career, Dennis was called upon to help recover the most challenging and complex transformations across IBM’s Strategic Outsourcing portfolio to include companies such as Lucent Technologies, American Express, and Walt Disney. To supplement his expertise in building strong business foundations and helping leaders unlock the hidden potential within their organizations, Dennis became a Certified Business Coach in 2015. His commitment to continual improvement and education have led to the works of Brian Tracy powered by FocalPoint Coaching & Training. Dennis helps Business Owners change their lives through systematic goal establishment, tracking and achievement. Dennis is a Business Leader’s accountability partner in helping to achieve their invented future.